Gerald Kia Labor Day Parade


Gerald Kia
2017 Gerald Kia Labor Day Parade
Monday, September 4th, 2017
Join The City of Naperville and the Naperville Jaycees as we celebrate - "The 40th Anniversary of the Naperville Stepperettes and Founders Howard and Victoria Mogil"

To be considered for the 2017 Gerald Kia Labor Day Parade, please complete the form below.
All entries will be reviewed for appropriateness and contacts will be informed if/when approved.
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Fill out the online entry form. Bold fieldnames indicate required fields. Do Not stop entering data once you begin. Print out the payment invoice and mail to:
Paul and Laurie DeKruiff, 2017 Last Fling Parade Chair's, PO Box 2372, Naperville IL 60567-2372.

Application, Fee is due by JULY 14, 2017. Late fees will apply to all entries that are postmarked after this date. The Parade Chair's and Last Fling Executive Committee have sole discretion of accepting entries after August 7th, 2017.

Parade Entry fee is limited to a maximum of 75 participants and one vehicle. Make checks payable to: The Naperville Jaycees Last Fling and include late fee, if applicable. Any NSF returned checks will be subject to a $50.00 fee. Fee structure will be displayed upon selection of entry type.

Office Phone:
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STANDARD ENTRY: Before July 14 July 15th to July 31st After August 7th
Fees:$175 $275 $375

NOT FOR PROFIT ENTRY: Before July 14 July 15th to July 31st After August 7th
Fees:$175 $275 $375

PARTISAN POLITICAL ENTRY: Before July 14 July 15th to July 31st After August 7th
Fees:$350 $450 $550

SPONSORS: 2017 Last Fling Partnership and Diamond only entry fee will be waived (subject to all of the provisions of the sponsorship agreement and as modified or amended from time to time). Sponsorship does not guarantee participation in the parade, all necessary parade paperwork and documentation is required. If you wish to become a Last Fling Sponsor, please call the Sponsorship Hotline at 630-335-7744.
Category: Color Guard
Drill Team
HS Band
Other Band
Service Org
Space Estimate: 0 - 20 ft  21 - 40 ft  41 - 60 ft  Over 60 ft
41 - 60 ft Additional $50.00 fee
Over 60 ft Additional $100.00 fee
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Walkers Bicycles
Big Wheels Truck
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Will your unit emit music? Yes   No    If yes, please provide name of song
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If yes, please describe and if possible provide a sample (i.e. picture of items) by due date of application.
You can email a picture of your sample to
Please use the email below for all communications, including parade confirmation.
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Review Stand: Please type up to 3 bullet points for the Master of Ceremonies to say about your organizations as your entry passes the review stand. You must provide this information now. No changes will be allowed as we do not have the ability to contact anouncers once your application is submitted.
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